Founder's Fave Pack

Founder's Fave Pack

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We love all of our jams, but this trio is the three-some we find ourselves nomming on most often.  We decided to release a Founder's Fave Pack:

  • I Found My Thrill on Blueberry Hill inspired by FATS DOMINO and infused with Apple Brandy. Blueberries on errrythang!!
  • Apple Butter Jeans - Apple Butter infused with Apple Brandy and made using grandma's recipe.  Its basically home in a jar for founder, Melanie.Inspired by T-Pain and Irene, of course. 
  • Strawberry Fields Forever - Inspired by The Beatles, its just good everywhere - bagels to go, ice cream, lemon cake, goat cheese and crackers. So versatile. Infused with champagne and limoncello. 

50% of the proceeds from this trio pack will go to Black Lives Matter.  For eternity. No expiration. 


Get all 3 for $25