About Us

More than a Mission

That's My Jam was born from a passion of music and a love of homemade food.  We are a mom and son team who learned to can the old-fashioned way, the way our grandmother and great grandmother taught us. Our jam is made in micro batches and with the highest quality, organic ingredients. We work hard to develop relationships with and support local farms, non-profits, businesses, musicians and artists.

IMPORTANT - All alcohol cooks out in the cooking process. Flavor is retained for a unique palate profile but you won't get toasted. It's safe for work and for kids.   

At That's My Jam our aim is to honor our customers with the finest spreads, making each gathering unique.  We highly encourage you to listen to the music inspired by each product and support your local music scene.  

A percentage of our profits go to help formerly incarcerated women and their efforts to re-enter society and make a successful life for themselves. 

Gluten Free

Reduced Sugar 

Organic Fruits & Unbleached Cane Sugar

No Artificial Ingredients

Made with Apple Pectin